2017 Telethon


Our team came together and signed up as a VIP fundraisers for the CP Telethon taking place on March 5-6, 2016. As a team and as VIPs, we are committed to fundraise for CP during the weeks leading up to, and during the Telethon. 

Your support will help our team reach our goal and make a significant impact on CP's ability to provide quality, caring services to 1,600+ local Northeast Wisconsin children and adults with a variety of conditions, like Evelyn.

Four year-old, Evelyn has worked hard to overcome every obstacle that dared to put itself in her path. She has overcome jaundice,Transient Myelodysplasia (preleukemia),chemotherapy, heart surgery, leukemia and a second round of chemotherapy.

Evelyn spent a lot of time, effort and energy showing these illnesses that she was boss. Every battle was difficult, but Evelyn triumphed. However, during her months of being in and out of the hospital for treatments, Evelyn did not have many opportunities for needed developmental therapies.

In January of 2015, Evelyn began integrated physical, occupational, and speech therapies at the CP Center. When we began working with the team at the CP Center, Evelyn was crawling, drinking from a bottle, had a few words in her vocabulary, was unsure how to interact with her toys (just throwing them) and was unable to feed herself. In the past ten months, she has met many developmental milestones and made several accomplishments, we are so proud of her! She is now walking and working with Donna, her physical therapist, on balance and to learn how to navigate uneven surfaces such as grass and sidewalks to make outdoor playtime more fun. Working with Jess, her occupational therapist, she is perfecting her fine motor skills and independence. Recently she has accomplished drinking from a straw, helping with dressing herself, and playing independently with and interacting appropriately with toys for up to 30 minutes at a time without supervision! Her vocabulary has grown exponentially, and not only is she using words, but she works with her speech therapist, Tessa, on forming multi-word sentences. She is talking with us, and communicating her needs and wants. She is quickly making up for lost time, and we are so grateful to all of her therapists for focusing on the positive and making Evelyn feel loved. 

It's only with your help that the CP Center can continue to provide its high level of support for Evelyn and so many other children and adults in Northeast Wisconsin. Please help us reach our fundraising goal by making a donation today. 

Thank you so much for your support! 

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