Welcome to Charlie Cheslock's fundraising page for the CP Center. Charlie is almost two years old and undergoes therapy at the CP Center four days a week, including speech, occupational and physical therapy. Despite numerous genetic tests, doctors' visits and traveling out of state for second opinions, he remains undiagnosed. 

Charlie's symptoms/challenges include:

  • Fed via a gastric feeding tube
  • Significant muscle weakness -- Charlie cannot hold his head up unassisted let alone sit, crawl, walk or talk
  • Glaucoma
  • Poor vision
  • Significant chest congestion, which requires vest therapy among other treatments
  • Lymphedema in both feet
  • Irritability

Charlie's family prays that someday he will perform the tasks most of us take for granted; that he eats on his own, walks and talks. We know that will not be possible without intensive therapy and a team of therapists who believe in him. That is why we enrolled Charlie in the CP Center. We know that he is in wonderful hands. Charlie's favorite part of the CP Center is the 90 degree therapy pool as Charlie loves the water. He participates in water therapy every Thursday.

On behalf of Charlie, please consider donating to this amazing facility that we are lucky to have in our backyard. 
Al, Melissa & Charlie Cheslock 

For more information on Charlie
WTMJ-TV News Story - news story by Susan Kim from March 2016      
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