What does it mean to be a VIP?

Telethon VIPs are volunteers (an individual, community group, school, sporting team, club, civic group or local business) who agrees to raise funds on behalf of CP for the annual CP Telethon. 

There are two kinds of VIPs: on-air VIPs and off-air VIPs.

On-Air VIPs2017Telethon: On-Air VIP

On Air VIPs commit to:

1.Raising $500 before and/or during the broadcast of the CP Telethon.

2.Sit on a panel for one hour during the live broadcast of the Telethon to solicit funds by calling and receiving calls from family, friends and CP supporters.

Please Note: VIP's will be notified when their Individual on-air times and phone number assignments are availalbe.

Off-Air VIPs2017Telethon: Off-Air VIP

Off Air VIPs commit to:

1.Raising any amount of money before the broadcast of the CP Telethon.

2.Not appearing on TV during the broadcast of the CP Telethon, but can still help out by volunteering! 


As a VIP, you will be making a difference in the lives of each child and adult who comes through CP's doors. Your support will help make a significant impact on CP's ability to provide quality, innovative services to more than 2,000 local Northeast Wisconsin children and adults with a variety of conditions, including mobility, communication, fine and gross motor development and sensory integration.

VIPs make an incredible impact on the success of the Telethon. Click Here to get started and create your fundraising page now!